1John 5:10-15

16 Apr

7/4/12 V. 10, We have, based on the testimony of God, the best evidence possible to believe and obey the Son. When we believe we accept this testimony, but when we don’t believe we are, in effect, calling God a liar.

V. 11-12, The testimony that God gives, in a nutshell, is that he has given me eternal life and I receive that eternal life through Jesus, his Son. If I don’t accept Jesus I don’t accept eternal life. If I do accept Jesus I accept eternal life.

V. 13, John is writing all of this so that we will believe in Jesus and have faith (assurance) that we have eternal life. We are not to live in fear wondering whether or not we will be saved. If we believe in Jesus to the degree that we listen and obey his commands then we can know that we have eternal life. To believe as a fact that Jesus was a historical person or even that he is God but not to the degree that that fact causes us to do what he says to do is really not to believe in him at all for believing carries with it the idea of living according to the belief.

V. 14, When we believe to the degree that we listen and obey then we may have confidence when we approach God. Not only are we confident of having eternal life but we are also confident in the requests me make of him. When we ask anything according to his will he hears us.

The question many people ask, though, is how does one know if we are praying according to God’s will. The fact is, though, that when we are living in obedience that’s not a question we will ask. We easily discern those requests that are within God’s will. If we are not sure if a particular request is within God’s will we approach it tentatively and are ready and willing to accept from God an answer of no.

V. 15, This promise is so sure that it’s phrased in the past tense. If we ask we have received what we asked for. And we must treat it that way. We must believe that we have received what we have asked for. That doesn’t always mean we recognize the answer right away. But we are confident in the God we have come to know. He withholds no good thing from his children.

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