1John 5:19-21

16 Apr

7/6/12 V. 19, Even though Satan is in control of the entire planet, he cannot harm us because we are God’s children and under God’s protection. All we need to do live in relationship to him, which has been the point of this entire letter.

V. 20, Jesus came to earth and in so doing he showed us the way to live in relationship with God. God is the one Truth in the universe. He is the one reality. All else is derived from that reality. And we have the incredible privilege of being in such close relationship with this one Truth that we are in him and he in us. In such close relationship we are, in some way, a part of God himself, which is why the psalmist was able to say, “You are gods…”

V. 21, John’s parting words to keep yourselves from idols can appear at first glance to be out of place, but it’s really not. To live in close relationship to God it to give him the place of God in our lives. To keep ones self from idols is to guard against allowing anything or anyone else to occupy the place that only God is supposed to occupy.

To summarize the entire letter in a sentence we could say, live in close, intimate relationship with God and obey him by loving each other.

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