2John 7

16 Apr

7/8/12 V. 7, This short letter has two primary points. The first one in the first part was to obey God by loving each other. The second part is a warning against those who were teaching contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many deceivers who are anti-Christ were going about, John warns. They do not acknowledge that Jesus Christ the Son of God had come in the flesh.

V. 8, If we reject the gospel teachings we are in danger of losing all that we worked for. Losing what we worked for spiritually is possible. We still have free will. But we will lose our reward.

V. 9, Those who begin teaching things other than the gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t have God living in them. Whoever continues in that gospel have both Father and Son.

V. 10, Anyone coming with anti-Christ teachings we are not to welcome him into our hospitality. They are, as Jesus stated, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

V. 11, To welcome such a person is to become an accessory to his wicked work. We treat no one in an unkind manner, but we do nothing to support what he is doing.

V. 12, John quickly ends his letter because he intends to speak to them face to face. Meeting together brings our joy to completeness.

V. 13, The children of your chosen sister are the members of another church.

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